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A knowledgeable and experienced team, The Hughes Group. Michael Hughes and Anne Wells live and breathe Boulder. Michael and Anne strive to artfully reveal the finest and most distinctive qualities of potential homes to their clients. Their open communication style enables them to advise their clients and create more certainty in their leadership and guidance for their clients throughout the process. The Hughes Group love sharing their favorite aspects of Boulder’s dining, recreation and culture along the way. The team’s artistic backgrounds merge to showcase their unique and creative edge providing the insight to expertly guide clients home.


A Boulder-area local for over 30 years, Anne’s expert knowledge melds with her passion for design, arming her with a creative edge. As a University of Colorado graduate with degrees in English and Fine Arts, Anne implements her interests in photography and architecture to support her love for design. Her ability to mix art and functionality in a space allows her to envision different ideas to fit the lifestyles of her clients as she connects them to their dream home. Anne’s no-pressure, hands on approach allows her to create a fun, stress-free environment for her clients.

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A Boulder Realtor® for over 26 years, listening and guiding clients with precise and clear communication. Michael is known for being positive and his easygoing demeanor. Artfully curating the finest homes in the area and helping sellers to feel the emotion and the story of their home which translates to getting the highest price possible for their homes. Known for his responsiveness during the transaction and beyond. Michael’s art + design finesse carries over to his attentiveness to styling homes to get the highest price possible. Michael’s local expertise of Boulder county neighborhoods speaks to his many successes and numerous elated sellers and buyers!

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